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A Trusted Name in Frontier Market Transports and Logistics

Navilog is a Stockholm-based logistics company. With more than 15 years' experience developing and delivering transport solutions for some of the world's most challenging regions, we are proud to call ourselves an expert in frontier markets transports and logistics.

Cutting costs and emissions
During the years we have acquired a unique competence in combining sea, rail and road freight in reliable and cost efficient solutions with a minimal environmental impact.

Some Facts and Figures
Since start-up in 2010 Navilog has transported with a delivery precision exceeding 99,5%:

•15 000 TEU
•350 000 m3
•100 000 ton

We are certified in accordance to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.



Operating throughout major parts of North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia, we are adding new markets on a continuous basis. We currently operate established routes to the following countries:

North Africa

Asia          China

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+ 2 000 TEU’s transported annually

More market specific information will be published soon. For further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 



Thanks to our extensive industry experience and a broad international network we can combine capacity and muscles with the personal service and flexibility of an entrepreneurial and fast moving organisation.


Cut lead times 

Throughout the years we have gathered a unique competence in combining road, rail and sea freight. The result is a range of routes and solutions that are faster than sea freight, yet significantly cheaper than air freight – still with a very competitive environmental footprint.

Reduce emissions

With rail freight as an optional component in our services we can offer solutions that reduce our customers' emissions with up to approximately 90 per cent compared with regular road transport..

Gain from local insights

Thanks to carefully selected agents at each destination we can provide all clients with local insights and contacts – often a prerequisite for a secure and efficient handling in many frontier markets.

Tap into major flows...

With an established network of partners we have the capacity needed to meet the demands of big clients. This has made us a trusted partner to global manufacturers of telecom equipment and high value consumer goods.

...with flexible handling and terms

On most of our routes we offer FTL and LTL solutions, 24/7 pick-up and loading throughout Europe, as well as Standard and Express delivery terms at variable rates. We are always happy to discuss any adjustments that will fit the needs of your organisation.

Enjoy full transparency

All our clients enjoy full transparency and timely updates through our Navilog Control Tower services. 

Special solutions

Fish transports
Apart from our core business we have acquired significant experience in transporting fresh fish from Norway to the European mainland. Contact sales for more information.

Speed Train Service                                                 As agent for Interrail Europe GmbH we provide Speed Train Service to and from China. Click here to learn more.

Contract logistics
We are always happy to discuss solutions in which we cover all your logistics needs throughout the course of an entire project. Contact sales for more information.


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